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ई-चंदौली पोर्टल में आपका स्वागत हैं

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e-Chandauli Portal

शिक्षित एवं सुपोषित चन्दौली एक अभिनव पहल.

स्वेच्छा से- रिटायर्ड (अध्यापक/अधिकारी) अथवा अन्य पुरुष /महिलाओं द्वारा निः शुल्क पठन पाठन एवं कुपोषण दूर करने हेतु निः स्वार्थ सहयोग हेतु आवेदन I

1-प्राथमिक विद्यालय/उच्च प्राथमिक विद्यालय/ 15 वर्ष से ऊपर की महिलाओं /बालिकाओं को साक्षर/शिक्षित करना .

2. कुपोषित बच्चों को स्वस्थ बनाने हेतु सहयोग के दृष्टिगत गोद लिए जाने हेतु.

पंजीकरण हेतु क्लिक करें


(District Abhilekhagar Management System)

1. Indexing of Village wise land record available at Abhilekhagaar.

2. User and department can view index summary, queries and can analyse them.

3. User friendly dashboard and interactive interface.

4. Improve Transparency and speedy follow up.

5. Innovative step towards digital district.

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1. E-Dialogue' developed by the UP Government is a coordinated grievance redressal mechanism, using information technology to achieve the objectives of good governance.

2. This system will be helpful in communicating between the citizens and the government / departments / government offices in an easy and transparent manner.

3. You can register / track complaints online at any time.

4. Complaints received from different mediums will be available on the same portal / platform, so that the departmental officers will have easy access to the problem of disposal and monitoring of complaints.

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Online Bhulekh.

1. Construction of Bhulekh Web Portal has been done to computerize Uttar Pradesh's land records in such a way that the daily activities of land records can be streamlined.

2. The Bhulekh portal maintains the whole life cycle of Khatauni.

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N.I.C Chandauli.

1. Chandauli District Website.

2. Designed and hosted by NIC.

3. Site is own by District Administration.

4. Concern Department and/or Administration is responsible for any contents and links.

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Online Registry.

1. Prerna 3.0 is launched for land registry and marriage registration.

2. It automates the SRO office of all districts.

3. User friendly dashboard and interactive interface.

4. Improve Transparency and speedy follow up

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